Rep Gladiator Barbell – Rep Gladiator Barbell. Below you will find a detailed review of the REP Gladiator WL Bearing Rod, including detailed product information, features, reviews from real users, and more.

Very high tensile strength, stated yield strength, center knurling, etc. There really is a lot to like about this bar. This becomes even more attractive when you consider the sub-$270 price tag.

Rep Gladiator Barbell

Rep Gladiator Barbell

The REP Gladiator WL Bar’s tread has a firm texture, as opposed to the sharper profile found on mountain or volcanic hills. It won’t be aggressive, but you’ll still get a good grip suitable for Olympic lifts. Because it’s a softer bar, you’ll be able to use it at high repetition rates with minimal risk of hurting your hands. Great daily workout bar.

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The bar features single Olympic bar loops and center cleats, which is unusual for Oly training bars at this price point. Back squats, etc. If you like the extra texture in the middle of the band for , you might be interested in this one.

This bar has a 28mm diameter shaft, which is the industry standard for a true Olympic weightlifting bar. This will give you a good hit on the bar for all your Oli moves.

What makes this rod really good is its tensile strength and yield strength. The rod has an impressive tensile strength of 230 kpsi, which is well above the class average. In addition, the yield strength of the rod is 210K. Most companies, including REP on some of their other bars, do not report yield strength, although this is a more practical indicator. While tensile strength measures the point at which the rod will literally break, yield strength measures the point at which the rod will undergo permanent deformation (i.e., not return to its straight state).

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That’s why the Gladiator WL Bearing Bar is one of the strongest bars on the market when you look at these dimensions.

Rep Fitness Gladiator Wl Bearing Bar

The solid chrome shaft will provide a nice, if not slick, feel, and you’ll get the same when it comes to oxidation resistance.

The Gladiator WL bearing rod bushings are grooved, unlike other REP straight arm rods. The main differences between the two are that fluted sleeves are louder and hold the plates better when you are not using the collar. In the end, it all comes down to preference.

The bushings are hard chrome plated and use 3 needle bearings and 2 bushings (per bushing) to rotate the stem. While you may not get the same spin as a 100% directional joystick like the REP Gladiator MX, you will still get quality, consistent spin.

Rep Gladiator Barbell

The bearing crossbar Gladiator WL has an aesthetic appearance. Chrome is a beautiful finish that usually has a pleasing appearance. If you train in a humid environment, it’s a good idea to lubricate this bar with something like a 3-in-1 oil from time to time to keep it looking good longer.

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I love the blue cap that matches the blue stripe on the collar. The strap is also useful if you are in a training area with a lot of people/bars as it helps you easily identify the bar.

The Rep Gladiator WL bearing strip receives very positive user reviews. With an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 on, here’s what they had to say: Below you’ll find some very good Olympic weightlifting bars priced under $250. To put that into perspective, that’s about half the size of an OLY bar you’d buy from Rogue.

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These bars are designed specifically for Olympic lifts such as the clean and jerk, snatch and clean and jerk. Many avoid OLY bars in general because the price is almost equal to their mortgage payment and most make more than these three lifts. However, there are several companies that you can trust without spending any money.

Also thanks to Crash Pads for making these dumbbells last longer when dropped from above.

Rep Fitness 45lb Pair Bumper Plates

As mentioned, they are both great clubs for the price, but they do have some differences. With medium cleats and just one set of markings, the Gladiator bar matches the performance of a true weightlifting bar. Empty. The bar has double dots and no mid dots. If you don’t want to copy meeting settings, there’s no big deal, but it will save your life a few times.

Overall these are really good dumbbells at a great price. There are a lot of factors that go into this, such as your preferences for points, turns, and “center points,” but you really can’t go wrong here.

If you had to choose… Steel bells could be an option for those who want to perform fewer reps due to rotation and twisting. If you have a barbell that you want to use for OLY exercises as well as CrossFit or high rep workouts, the Gladiator bar is probably your best choice.

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